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    Introducing eResources
    for Realtors of Bahrain
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    Listing Syndication Service

    For the 1st time in Bahrain, You can now linkup your website to the listings database of mlsBH™
    & have the latest verified listings displayed automatically for your visiting clients' viewing

    Verified real estate listings of Bahrain
    at your disposal
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    Search Direct owner listings database



    List properties on mlsBH™ to which you have listing consent from its owners

Introducing RealtorBH™

1st of its kind membership based eResource for realtors in Kingdom of Bahrain, RealtorBH™ grants exclusive access to mlsBH™ Bahrain's only real estate listings centralization & distribution platform. Real estate agencies and independent brokers can now search for verified properties from authorized listers on mlsBH™ database for their prospects' property rental and purchase requirements. Realtors will have unlimited access to mlsBH's direct owners' listings from fsrboBH™. From RealtorBH™  they can also centralise their exclusive listings on mlsBH™ to get them exposed to other professional realtors. mlsBH™ also populates our listing display solution RealtyBH™ as well as other syndicate sites, collectively exposing your listings to thousands of potential prospects.Property & Facility managers can manage their listing portfolios and apart from attracting direct queries from prospect, can also collaborate online with other realtors like never before.


As an integral component of mlsBH™, RealtorBH™ inherits the innovative methodology of capturing real estate listings in it's proprietary structure MReLDA™. Listings are grouped under 4 primary groups FACILITY, STRUCTURE, UNIT & SUB-UNIT in such a way that their inter-relationships are maintained. Thats means you can now list a building by its name and search for each available apartment under it listed individually with its respective details. This introduces the much needed transparency to market and helps identity exact availabilities and how different each listing is from other units within the building. No more summing up entire property's info in one listing without providing availability details. All this and much more is offered to realtors at a reasonable price, Let your clients benefit from these innovative tools and features RealtorBH™ is offering you.

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eResourcesof RealtorBH™

We brings to realtors of Bahrain new features of conducting realty business professionally. You take care of the customers, we'll take care of new listings for them, you just broker the deal.

Realty CRM

Realtors now have the opportunity on a few leading realtors could enjoy - If they so wished to. RealtorsBH™ introducing to online CRM specifically developed for realtors. Now you can manage your leads, track your deals, keep a record of your commissions and collaborate with others from the ease of your dashboad. It also enables agencies to keep track of their agents' activities. 

Realtors' Community

In an industry that is fast moving and whose trends change with prevailing dynamics, it is important to keep tab on things, and what better way than to collaborate with fellow realtors. RealtorBH™ extents to its valued members an exclusive access to all realtors only online  community where they can exchange business information, views and news. 

Website dB integration

Through our Syndication interface you can have all the unique listings of mlsBH™ displayed on your website directly. Best part is you are the point of contact should your visiting clients enquire about any mlsBH listings. No need to hunt for properties to propose, let clients inquire, you simply broker the deal. We separately provide integration services, or you can get it done yourself

Realty websites

The whole realty world is going online, Bahrain is no exception. But getting a good website made can be a nuisance, RealtorBH™ offers realtors of Bahrain the option of either buy ready made realty website OR subscribing to one if you're not interesting in buying one right now. Best part is, they come pre-integrated with mlsBH™ and you have the option of purchasing addons. 

RealtorBH has been developed to facilitate Real estate Professionals in Kingdom of Bahrain

Supporting the Government of Bahrain in eliminating malpractices from the industry.

Who is RealtorBH™ for

RealtorBH™ is not a classified website, it is a holistic web solution created specifically for professional realtors in the kingdom. It upholds the listing rights of legitimate property representatives, providing them UNIQUE listing type & property type categories that can highlight to-the-point what is being listed, what for and by who. RealtorBH™ is tailor-made to serve the needs of Realtor classes in Bahrain, therefore based on user roles in practice locally, following primary user types are associated to RealtorBH™.



Registered real estate brokerage companies

Entities officially registered in Bahrain's Chamber of commerce, operating from a physically verifiable office and have Agents working for them. 



Independant licensed realtors

Individuals holding a brokerage license from ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and conducting brokerage independently and solely. 

Property Manager


Property management companies

Entities that are in the business of managing client's real estate and earn + share commission for management plus broker real estate deals as well. 

facility operator

Facility operators

Devemoplement Marketers and Operators

Entities that are solely operating to manage properties that need selling and renting. 

Listing types in RealtorBH™

Benefits of RealtorBH™ membership

RealtorBH™ introduces innovative new tools and features that can help realtors attract a wider audience, generate more leads and conduct their business effectively, efficiently and professionally. To compliment this primary function, following are the key features of RealtorBH™ that define a new standard of real estate services in the kingdom of Bahrain.

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mlsBH™ is Bahrain's only real estate listings centralization and distribution platform. It houses the most reliable and detailed property listings directly from owners and other realtors. RealtorBH™ offers you the exclusive access to these listings to facilitate your valuable clients. You do not have to enter into 3 or 4 party deals, Broker the deal for your clients directly with listing owners or realtors

RealtorBH™ offers verified professional realtors the ideal platform to post their exclusive listings to other realtors and potential prospects. An Exclusivity from owner will secure your right to commission and RealtorBH will help your exclusive listing attract a wider audience of prospects & professionals

We know that every realtor prefers to broker a deal for a property that pays the highest commission. That is why RealtorBH ensures that every listing you view highlights this crucial information. No need to feel owners this awkward question every time. Let the listing indicate whats in it for you.

RealtorBH allows agencies and property managers to enlist their staff who are authorised to broker deals. Each sub user has its separate package based account and the parent account holder has the authority to control sub user's listings if needed. Subusers also get to conduct business on RealtyCRM

As subscriber to WebRealtySite service, not only do you get a readymade website instantly, you can also create a sub-domain under realtor.bh domain. A www.yoursite.realtor.bh web address will most likely prove to be more strategic identity for your business than a generic domain name.

RealtorBH is an eResource for the professionals of Bahrain only. And by professionals we mean legitimate realtors who are either licensed or legally work for a authentic real estate agency. Hence you become part of a privileged professional community of realtors on realtorBH

RealtorBH™ offers you exclusive access to listings directly from authorized representatives of properties, so you can facilitate your valuable clients with confidence and satisfaction that you will not have to enter into 3 or 4 party deals just to get access to the property of clients' preference.

Realtors are provided with the ability to centralize all their business contacts in one place and carry our communications at the ease with their prospects and internal staff. What’s more is that any query received over listings is received here too apart from direct mail notification

mlsBH facilitates business for realtors in many ways. Apart from exposing their exclusive listings portfolio to entire market; realtors get to have their profile displayed on RealtyBH - the listings Display solution of mlsBH. Here end consumers look for a professional assistance for their property needs

Multilayer Realestate Listing Database Architecture is an exclusive innovation of mlsBH that captures and displays listing information of structure (building or compound) separately and allows units (apartments or villas) to be listed individually under it to establish inter-relationship. The feature helps realtors get updates on what exactly is available in building or compound.

Number of Verified Professionals enjoying benefits of RealtorBH™

25 Independant
45 Realestate

User type Packages overview


For Sale/Rent By Broker listings type packages


During trial period

  • Single user account
  • FSBB listings
  • FRBB listings
  • Limited property type listings
  • Packaged listing limits
  • mlsBH™ listings search
  • Packaged Realtors' CRM access


For Sale/Rent By Agency listings type packages


During trial period

  • Multi agent account
  • FSBA listings
  • FRBA listings
  • Packaged property type listings
  • Packaged listings limit
  • mlsBH™ listings search
  • Packaged Realtors' CRM access

Property Manager

For Rent By Property Manager listings type packages


During trial period

  • Multi user account
  • FRBM listings 
  • SLBM listings
  • Packaged property type listings
  • Packaged listings limit
  • mlsBH™ listings search
  • Packaged Realtors' CRM access

Facility Operator

For Sale/Rent By Facility Operator listings type packages


During trial period

  • Multiuser account
  • FRBFO listings
  • FSBFO listings
  • All property types listing
  • Packaged listings limit
  • mlsBH™ listings search
  • Packaged Realtors' CRM access

What you also Need to know

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